How to Reboot a Mac Computer

It is possible to restart Macs that are running OS X Yosemite using either the Apple menu or the combination of the Power and Control keys. If your Mac doesn’t respond to these methods of restarting then you can try a forced restart instead. Save any files that are open to save before restarting your Mac.

Rebooting Your Mac

The most secure way to restart your Mac is to use your Apple menu. Select on the “Apple” logo in the upper-left corner of the screen, and then select “Restart.” If there are windows or applications open that you wish to close when the computer restarts, put an X on the “Reopen Windows When Logging Back In” checkbox. Press on the “Restart” button to reboot your Macbook. You can also restart your Mac by pressing your “Control” button and pressing the “Power” button. Press “Restart” to confirm you are ready to restart your Mac.

Forcing a Mac to Reboot

Do a forced restart in the event that your Mac is stuck in a state of freeze or not responding to the normal methods of restarting it. Be aware that you’ll lose any saved files and information when you perform this process. For a forced restart simply press and hold the “Power” button until the Mac is shut down. After a couple of seconds, follow up with pressing”Power. “Power” button again to restart the computer. You can also force your Mac to restart by pressing “Command-Control-Power.”

Locating the Power Button

On iMacs The Power button is located in the bottom corner of the monitor. On the latest MacBooks it is located on the top of the keyboard. Power button is in the upper corner on the keyboard. For older MacBooks the Power button is situated on the right and above the left on the right side of the keyboard. The Power button can be identified by an icon that looks like an elongated circle with a line protruding from it.

Closing Applications Before Rebooting

To avoid accidental deletion of your data you must close the applications you are using and save unsaved files prior to restarting your Mac. If you restart your machine with apps open or running, the Mac could not be able recover deleted files or other data after it restarts. If an app isn’t closing normaly, you can use it’s Force Quit dialog to force it to shut down. Enter “Command-Option-Esc” or click the “Apple” menu and select “Force Quit” to load the Force Quit dialog. Choose the app you wish to close, and select “Force Quit.”



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