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What is the trinaural processor? Simply put, it is an algebraic processor that should have been thought up and created 45 years ago — at the dawn of the stereo era. But none of us were smart enough. As predicted by Alan Blunheim’s original work on stereo reproduction (then called binaural) there is an “Achilles Heel” within the stereo composite signal itself. This is the cross-coupled error signal. Unfortunately, it must be there in order for stereo to work. However, here’s the rub. This very same “necessity” is what makes stereo, for the most part, unsatisfactory and a complete failure as a format. I have been working on this problem for a number of years and have created what I believe to be a first order correction that will finally enhance stereo reproduction so that a new level of sonic realism can be achieved.

Oh no, not another one! Over the years there have been a multitude of so-called realism processors that have purported to be the second coming. Of course every last one of them was pure hogwash. Realism comes only one way. Either it is, or it isn’t—period. With a two channel process you MUST be in the near field to experience the totality of 3 dimensions or it just won’t work. This is why headphone listening can immerse you into the acoustical field unlike any loudspeaker on earth. Let’s not belabor the shortcomings of headphones here as they are well known. The main question is: can we approach at least some semblence of this kind of reality with loudspeakers? The answer is yes but it takes some mental juxtipositions in order to comprehend the whats, whys, and wheres. Simply put, it cannot be done with two channel stereo—Period, end of statement. There is a big difference between being an aural observer, which is what you are with normal two channel stereo, and being immersed into the aural experience as a true or near-true holographic participant. In order for this to happen it requires a MINIMUM of three channels.

Back in the mid-fifties there was a lot of resistance in the move to stereo from mono. Of course this was pretty dumb because dimension is the one thing you cannot possibly attain from mono. Unfortunately, stereo at best can only present this dimension as a sonic window for you to “hear” through. What is needed is the last part of the dimension that has always been missing from stereo and that is PRESENCE. It just wasn’t there. This quality can only be achieved with a minimum of THREE speakers. The third speaker is of course, the center. Please understand that on an absolute basis there is very little true left or true right information. The stereo panorama is shaped more like a large arc across the sound stage wherein the MOST important information is in the CENTER. Herein is the 45 year old enigma. We have never had a center speaker situation done properly. In other words, you cannot just add a summed center channel and be off to the races because the power levels end up being totally destroyed. The only way to do this is to re-vectorize the composite stereo information. This is exactly what the TRINAURAL PROCESSOR does. Center information comes primarily out of the center and very little comes out of the right or left. In addition, the cross-coupled error information is virtually eliminated from the opposite speaker and split between the corresponding right-center or left-center pair. Of course, like all other new experiences, one must LEARN or should I say RE-learn how to listen in order for the ear-brain link to correctly interpret this new sonic information. This process may take typically a week or two. Initially the system will probably sound center-heavy. THIS IS NORMAL and one must get used to it first. Also, it is critical that the physical setup be done properly as well as calibrating the system for level balance. I am sure that once these things are all properly taken care of and you adjust your listening habits, you will never go back to 2-channel stereo again.

Most importantly, the Trinaural Processor is a linear analog device with no digital processing whatsoever. There is also a bypass switch which allows you to connect your home theater processor as a pass-through thereby enabling you to use your very highly regarded analog preamp for music reproduction without having to go through the digital processor. You can have your cake and eat it too.

So get ready. Your audio future is about to change-forever. Stay tuned to our web site for more information, pictures, dealer locations, etc.


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