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James Bongiorno
A Documented History of Designs


Hadley Laboratories 622C Power Amplifier, contributing engineer

Marantz Model 15 Power Amplifier, contributing engineer

Dynaco Stereo 400 Power Amplifier, Designer

Dynaco AF-6 AM/FM Tuner, contributing engineer

SAE (Scientific Audio Engineering)

       XXXIB Power Amplifier, Designer

       IIIC/CM Power Amplifier, Designer

       IVD/DM Power Amplfier, Designer

       VIB Stereo Tuner, contributing engineer

       IC Stereo Preamplifier, contributing engineer

       The following products continued to use my circuit topology:

              2200, 2300, 2400, 2500, 2600, “A” series, “X” series

GAS (The Great American Sound Co.) Chief Designer

       Ampzilla Power Amplifier

       Ampzilla II (World’s first servo-controlled power amplifier)

       Thaedra Preamplifier (World’s first (and only) servo controlled preamp

       Thoebe Preamplifier

       Son of Ampzilla Power Amplifier

       Thalia Preamplifier

       Grandson Power Amplfier

       Sleeping Beauty Moving Coil Cartrdges

Sumo Electric Co. Ltd. Chief Designer

       The Power, World’s first 450 watt/channel fully balanced Bridge Power Amp

       The Gold, World’s first patented solid state Class A Power Amplifier

       The Nine, World’s first low cost solid state class A power amplifier

       The Nine+, Ruggedized version

       Electra Preamplifier

       “Charlie” the Tuner, world’s first premium low cost stereo tuner

       The Half-power, stereo power amplifier

       Andromeda, world’s first low cost solid state class AB Balanced Power Amp

       The Sumo I, Magnetic Phono Cartridge

       The Sumo II, Moving coil Phono Cartridge

Harmon-Kardon, Consultant, Completely redesigned the Citation 23 Tuner

Crown Radio, Japan, 4 luxurious Power amps, 2 Luxuious Preamps, a fully

       Equalized (phase & amplitude) 3-way electronic crossover.

Spread Spectrum Technologies Inc.. Chief Designer

       Ampzilla 2000, fully balanced monobloc power amplifier

       Trinaural Processor

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